Accelerate your DevSecOps & Kubernetes Journey

Let your team focus on product features and business logic, while we handle all the Non Functional Requirements related to Kubernetes and DevSecOps.
Projects already worked on
  1. Kubernetes(AWS EKS) & DevSecOps(Jenkins) complete and integrated setup as a Service

    • Get your EKS Kubernetes Cluster up and running with all best practices from get go, all under your control.
    • Get Pre-integrated best of breed opensource tools installed on your EKS Kubernetes Cluster.
    • Get fully functional DevSecOps Jenkins pipeline with all the best practices.
    • Dev, QA and Production Clusters on EKS with Jenkins
  2. Kubernetes(EKS) Engine with all essential tools and technologies pre-installed and integrated

    • Built in Docker Registry,Networking Overlays(Linkerd), Backup(Velero), Package management(Helm)
    • Monitoring(Prometheus & Grafana),Application Logs(ELK Stack,Sentry)
    • Dashboard, Reporting and Alerts, Access Controls
  3. DevSecOps(Jenkins) Pipepline setup for entire project lifecycle

    • Manage your DEV and QA Clusters using Jenkins Pipeline
    • Continously deploy to DEV Cluster using CI/CD
    • Reduce cost, bring infrastructure up when needed, drive everything as Infrastructure as Code.
    • Pre deployment checks (Build,Selenium,SonarQube) and Post deployment SAST & DAST
    • Fully under your control, with access control for your team members and contractors
  4. Free initial setup for Startups

    • Setup Fully Functional EKS Cluster with Ingress and your Domain Name with valid SSL Certificate
    • Get your Github and Jenkins and Kubernetes(EKS) cluster all integrated for CI/CD
    • Drive everything as Infrastructure as Code.
    • Continuous health record and traceability
    • Built in high security, privacy and data compliance
  5. ~ Free Product Management tool for Startups

    • colloboratively Brainstorm your ideas
    • Ideate and Validate your Ideas
    • Design features using MoSCoW principles
    • Execute your ideas using Kanban, Lean Agile
  6. Launch your Startup fast

    We are one stop shop for SaaS Applications, Mobile, Cloud, AI/ML, Industry 4.0 and IoT in delivering Consulting, Pilot projects and developing end to end Custom SaaS solutions.
    • Build your SaaS application
    • Delivery in the Cloud
    • Web, Mobile and Embedded UI Development
    • Execute your ideas using Kanban, Lean Agile

Accelerate Time to Market

With our strong technical expertise in AWS, Kubernetes(EKS) and DevSecOps(Jennkins)
Tech Stack
We bring deep technical expertise and know how, delivering end to end solutions, we go above and beyond what you require to provide your team with seamless setup so that they can be highly productive.
Lightening Fast
With our emphasis on automation and Infrastructure as Code(IaC) we can setup your entire Kubernetes cluster on AWS with integrated DevSecOps pipeline with all the best practices baked in.
All our services are based on best of breed opensource technology. They can be customized, modified or enhanced to further suit your need. Everything is in your cloud, under your control and fully documented.
Fully Documented
We provide full documentation of all our services, easy to follow steps, so that your team can be highly productive. We also provide best practices, architectural and technology proposals to assist in decision making.

How Does It Work

You're only a few simple steps away

We are in listening mode, where we try to understand your architecture, your ideas and your execution plan related to Kubernetes and DevSecOps.


We use Agile/Scrum methodology to deploy your Kubernetes and DevSecOps in an iterative way, with you getting to see the your infrastructure and provide feedback every week aligning to your vision.


With our DevOps enabled from the first day, you would have a production system within few initial sprints. Launch would be just you opening to your customer

Seamless Integrations

We integrate with everything that your business needs to

Get Started in No Time with Kubernetes(EKS) and DevSecOps(Jenkins)

Rebataur makes it super easy to get your Kubernetes cluster up and working with all the necessary tools and technology and a fully functioning DevSecOps pipeline. All under your control.