Your Training, Setup & Dev Partner in AI/ML, Blockchain, AIOps and Kubernetes

We provide tools, consulting, training and support in so that you can easily transform your company to become Digital.

Your Training, Setup & Dev Partner in AI/ML, Blockchain, AIOps and Kubernetes

We provide training, setup and development services in

Accelerate Time to Market

With our strong technical expertise in AWS, Kubernetes and DevSecOps & Full Stack Development
Tech Stack
We bring deep technical expertise and know how, delivering end to end solutions, we go above and beyond what you require to provide your team with seamless setup so that they can be highly productive.
Lightening Fast
With our emphasis on automation and Infrastructure as Code(IaC) we can setup your entire Kubernetes cluster on AWS with integrated DevSecOps pipeline with all the best practices baked in.
All our services are based on best of breed opensource technology. They can be customized, modified or enhanced to further suit your need. Everything is in your cloud, under your control and fully documented.
Fully Documented
We provide full documentation of all our services, easy to follow steps, so that your team can be highly productive. We also provide best practices, architectural and technology proposals to assist in decision making.

How Does It Work

You're only a few simple steps away

With our deep expertise in Kubernetes, DevSecOps and several frameworks, we bring in years of expertise and proven methodologies in tools that you can use to completely automate all of your Kubernetes infrastructure along with entire components and DevSecOps pipeline within minutes.


We bring in our tools such as "fsKube" to rapidly enable you on Kubernetes with all the necessary tools and technologies, your favorite framework templates, and complete automated hands free DevSecOps, so that your team can get a headstart in building your product.


WYou would have a production system with DevSecOps within few initial sprints. Launch would be just you opening to your customer. We have your complete DevSecOps lifecycle covered, with blue/green rollout and rollback if things go wrong, with periodic backup and restore capabilites.

Seamless Integrations

We can help integrate with everything that your business needs to, to serve your customers

Get Started in No Time with Kubernetes, DevSecOps and Full Stack Development

Rebataur makes it super easy to get your Kubernetes cluster up and working with all the necessary tools and technology and a fully functioning DevSecOps pipeline. All under your control.