Ritu Hunjan
Founder / CEO
Ritu comes with background of Computer Science with an Industry experience of 16 years. She has worked from ground up to managing multiple location teams for global rollout for Fortune 500 companies. After seeing that customers were not getting what they wanted and vendors would waste millions of dollars in time and money, she decided it was time she did something on her own to provide real value for money and make customer successful in what they were trying to achieve. Ritu is also a oil painter with several exhibition to her name.
Aditya Gupta
Aditya leads our iOS/Android projects. He has both design aesthetics and penchant for code. He is always pushing boundaries, never satisfied.
Kajal Jain
Lead Designer
Kajal has an eye and taste for design. She is minimalist to the core. She worries always about UX and end user cognitive load.
Krita Goel
Full Stack Dev
Krita is excellent at all layers of development, she prides herself of her code quality and documentation. She gets all the APIs for mobile/IoT development in no time.
Pradeep Sanyal
Cloud Engineer
Pradeep gets it all working, from DevSecOps, Cloud Configuration, automation, provisioning.
Dr. Venkat Katragadda
Venkat is the brainchild behind our AI/ML component. He has developed this component to be completely embeddable within our application.

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