DTCOURSE-LEVEL 1: Introduction to Digital Transformation Solutioning & Architecture

Comprehensive Business and Technical Introduction
Duration -1 Month, Every Sat & Sun, 1.5Hrs Google Meet Session
Rs.3200 800 for Early Birds till 4'th Feb,2021
  • Understand What is Digital Transformation
  • Difference between Digitization and Digital Transformation
  • Understanding Current Industry Supply Chain processes and its pain points
  • Learn about AWS, Kubernetes, Kafka, Java, Python, DataScience, IIoT role in Digital Transformation and how to set them up.
  • Apply "First Principles" to design breakthrough innovative solutions in IIoT
  • Role of Agile, MVP, Scrum, Squads for execution of projects.

DTCOURSE-LEVEL 2(Coming Soon): Developing project in Digital Transformation Solutioning & Architecture

Development of a complete Asset LifeCycle & Logistics Management Digital Solution
Duration -2 Month, Every Sat & Sun, 2Hrs Google Meet Session
  • Discovery session on Design Thinking, First Principles, Pain Points, Automation and Customer experience and Business Outcomes
  • Agile Planning, Squad formation, Sprint Schedule, Jira Kanban tracking
  • Digital Architecture Design patterns CQRS, Event-Sourcing, Event-Driven with Kubernetes, Kafka, Java, Python, DataScience Pipelines, AWS and PostgreSQL
  • Every participant starts development of the complete project, delivery deployment and tracking in Jira.
  • Agile Retrospective
  • Closure & Participation Certificate

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