Agritech - Solar Pump Monitoring & Management from Cloud

Customer wanted an online cloud based solution to monitor 300+ pumps and manage them from cloud.

Customer under the government scheme is rolling solar pumps across farms, and needed a cloud based solution for solar pump installation, monitoring and management, including ability to switch on/off the solar pump

Rebataur used its IoT Tech Stack to quickly build the application within 2 weeks, our Hardware Partner provided the microcontroller module with necessary network module in the solar pump. The application is live managing 300+ solar pumps.

Industry 4.0 Smart Equipment Maintenance

Customer wanted to create to replae their spreadsheet based Equipment Maintenance to a Smarter system, that could provide early alerts, schedule maintenance on time, send reminders and ensure upto-date reporting.

Timely alerts for overdue Maintenance, Dashboard and Reporting for SLA breached were provided to the customer

  • Admin Screen with Master Data & Planning
  • Tab App for Operators to execute Work Orders
  • Dashboard, Reporting and Alerts

Alert System for Health and Fall Detection for Elderly(Currently Ongoing)

Customer wanted to build an elderly health and event monitoring system for predictive health and fall detection alerts.

Rebataur used available off the shelf fitness band, and created a local house solution with Bluetooth low energy alert system, to inform first aiders and family members on health and accidental events related to elderly.

Get Started in No Time with Kubernetes, DevSecOps and Full Stack Development

Rebataur makes it super easy to get your Kubernetes cluster up and working with all the necessary tools and technology and a fully functioning DevSecOps pipeline. All under your control.