fsKube - Your "Full Stack" Kubernetes Enabler on AWS

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fsKube reduces months of efforts in setting up Kubernetes into minutes, with our fully secure Desktop App "fsKube" under your Control, it provides faster pace of Innovation & Delivery and Reduction in Time to Market .

  • Complete Cost breakdown dashboard
  • Full Kubernetes provisioning, management and operations capabilites
  • Framework templates provisioned in your Github Account
  • Complete end to end DevSecOps with Github Actions and Container Registry

Product Management Tool

A simple, concise and effective Product Management Tool

We built this tool because none of the tools in the market satisfied us.

We needed to capture our Brainstorming notes, validate our ideas and have a lean todo list before we promote the idea to Product.

We wanted to drive product development in a lean kanban way. I think you will like the simplicity and effectiveness of this tool in not only execution but in Product Engineering and validation of your ideas.

Get Started in No Time with Kubernetes, DevSecOps and Full Stack Development

Rebataur makes it super easy to get your Kubernetes cluster up and working with all the necessary tools and technology and a fully functioning DevSecOps pipeline. All under your control.