fsKube - Your "Full Stack" Kubernetes Enabler on AWS

fsKube reduces months of efforts in setting up Kubernetes into minutes, with our fully secure Desktop App "fsKube" under your Control, it provides faster pace of Innovation & Delivery and Reduction in Time to Market .

  • Full Stack Kubernetes in minutes
  • No online sharing of cloud credentials
  • Secure Destop Web Application

Full Stack fully functional Kubernetes Cluster on AWS

  • Quick and full kubernetes provisioning using best practices with pre cloud availability zones capacity check to ensure smoother provisionig
  • Fully Manage your Kubernetes operation including scaling up or down of nodes for scalability and capacity
  • Get full metrics of your kubernetes workloads at a granular level
  • Easily install best of breed components for dashboard, monitoring, logging, networking and internet access for your app
  • Automatically Create your github repo with right branching strategy, from our Full stack framework templates with all the best practices and database integration included

Fully functional Framework templates with DevSecOps, monitoring and operations

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  • Automatically create hands free DevSecOps pipeline with Github Actions and Cloud integration for CI/CD
  • Container registry and scanning enabled with Github and Kubernetes for seamless container build and deployment
  • Seamless release management for Dev, Quality and Production environemnts, with continous CI/CD in dev and approval workflow from quality to production and production rollback capabilites

Free & OpenSource
Unlimited User, Unlimited Clusters
Free Upgrades

Full Stack Django framework on Kubernetes on AWS
  • Full AWS Cost breakdown dashboard
  • Easily setup Kubernetes cluster in AWS
  • Easily manage Kubernetes cluster in AWS
  • Easily setup Kubernetes Components in AWS
  • Easily setup Github project with kubernetes enabled Django template
  • Automatically create Git branch strategy
  • Automatically create Github actions for container registration
  • Easy DevSecOps configuration for Dev, Quality and Production
  • Fully integrated release management strategy with Github , Kubernetes and AWS
  • Easily scale up or down Kubernetes cluster with Operations
  • Single Screen health monitoring for all your Kubernetes Nodes and Pods

Unlimited User, Unlimited Clusters
SaaS based

Industry 4.0
Smart City

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All of functinality of Startup package plus, multi-cloud deployment on AWS, Azure, GCP, On-Prem and Bare-Metal and Edge
  • User and Team management
  • Advance and integrated Machine Learning capabilites
  • Detailed Cost report per team
  • Detailed Cost utilitization per team
  • Detailed Cost utilitization per cluster
  • ROI Calculator
  • Accelerator for IoT
  • Accelerator for 5G
  • Accelerator for Smart City
  • Accelerator for Industry 4.0
  • Smart Resource Optimizer
  • Full Region resource cleanup service
  • Cost and Usage Alerts
  • Enahnced Security
  • High Performance

Get Started in No Time with Kubernetes, DevSecOps and Full Stack Development

Rebataur makes it super easy to get your Kubernetes cluster up and working with all the necessary tools and technology and a fully functioning DevSecOps pipeline. All under your control.